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Creative notecard tool for writers

Using flashcards and notecards is a great way for creative writers to map out their thoughts and ideas. SuperNotecard (formerly known as Miss Lonelynotes) is a tool for helping you do so in an organized fashion.

It's a tried an tested method used by novelists, biographers, researchers, and just about anyone in the writing field. SuperNotecard's virtual cards are supposed to help you focus on the basic parts of the composition while keeping the structure flexible so that it can change in accordance with your plot.

SuperNotecard uses a color-coding system depending on whether you're referring to plots, categories, characters or references. You can move them around with ease, zoom in and out and is generally a great way of seeing your thoughts and ideas before you get down to the nuts and bolts of writing. It would have been nice to have seen multimedia links embedded into the cards for cross referencing although sometimes, when trying to be creative, it's often a good idea to avoid the net completely so this may not be such a bad thing.

Overall, SuperNotecard is a super tool for any writer that wants to map out their ideas and experiment with plots before writing.

SuperNotecard is fast becoming the best way for novelists, biographers, researchers, and writers of every stripe to begin to craft their work using notecards. It has the following features:

  • Assemble fiction and non-fiction projects
  • Drag-n-drop to reorganize and refine the flow
  • Efficiently define and track characters, plots, and references in your writing
  • Instantly find sections of writing by keyword, category, character or source
  • Use the trash to put bad ideas in their place
  • Create elaborate outlines and hide the hierarchy with one click


  • Very easy to map out ideas and plots
  • Organised, logical interface
  • Color coded cards


  • No way to embed multimedia links


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SuperNotecard 3.2 for PC


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